2013 Holiday Cards!

November 08, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

Our 2013 holiday card designs have arrived!!!  These card are beautiful and are a hit every year!  These designed are 5x7 front and back.  They come in a package of 25 cards with envelopes printed on beautiful linen paper.  Each package is 75.00 apiece.  Additional packages are 60.00 apiece.To order, just send me an email with the image numbers and style card you want.  I will make a mock up for you!

Style 1

A FrontA Front A BackA Back


Style 2


B BackB Back B FrontB Front


Style 3


B BackB Back B FrontB Front


Style 4



A BackA Back A FrontA Front

Style 5


C BackD Back C FrontC Front


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