Baby Brody is here!

June 23, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

This new family...I cannot even take it... they are so in love with their little man!  Rightfully so, this one month old is flipping cute.  Oh, and say hello to his big furry brothers... Marcelle and Toby! DSC_3470DSC_3470 DSC_3489DSC_3489 DSC_3546DSC_3546 DSC_3606DSC_3606 DSC_3631DSC_3631 DSC_3671DSC_3671 DSC_3731DSC_3731 DSC_3744DSC_3744 DSC_3805DSC_3805 DSC_3813DSC_3813 DSC_3864DSC_3864 DSC_3873DSC_3873 DSC_3879DSC_3879 DSC_3900DSC_3900 DSC_3957DSC_3957 DSC_3961DSC_3961 DSC_3985DSC_3985 DSC_4028DSC_4028


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