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UPDATE : I have maxed out the number of Front Steps Sessions I can do this season. I was able to book 35 families, all who generously donated 25.00 or more each to The Community Table - Arvada. I am grateful for the families that participated and we have raised over 1000.00 for local families in need!! Please visit my Instagram page to meet the families that have participated as I post them!  Also, click on the contact tab above if you want to book a family session this summer or fall!


::::POST FROM MARCH 20TH, 2020::::

You guys...what a crazy time we are in!  Likely you are reading this in the comfort of your home, wearing yoga pants and spending way more time with your family than you ever imagined.  Some of us are relishing in that, some of us are... maybe not.  ;)  Rest assured I'm right there with you!! 

I would love to invite you to participate in The Front Steps Project.  This movement was started a few days ago in Needham MA, by the amazing photographer Cara Soulia, to bring a little connection to our communities during this time of anxiety and isolation. 

Starting next week, I am offering 10-minute sessions on your front porch, while I will remain at a safe social distance with my camera about 15-20 feet away.  We will spend our time hamming it up while posing for some quick family pics.  I will then send 1-3 images to you via gallery download.  

All I ask in return is a minimum 25.00 donation to The Community Table.

The Community Table is one of Arvada's most active support lifelines and will be especially crucial to our community in the coming weeks.  Here is a quick blurb from their website:

"Through various Community Table programs, we strive to improve the quality of life for hungry families and children in our community. It is through unwavering support of the community that we have been able to provide food to those in need for more than three decades – a legacy which Community Table strives to continue. At Community Table, putting food on the table is only the beginning. Now with expanded services to encourage self-sufficiency, Community Table’s Bridges to Opportunity program supports clients through education and linkage with the rich community resources available to them. Our generous and hardworking volunteers, supporters, Board of Directors, and staff take pride in being an essential strand in the fabric of our community."

Please click here to donate and please save your receipt for verification. You will not be able to book a Front Steps session without this.

As Cara Soulis mentioned in her post, "The purpose of this project is to bring us together when we might feel isolated.  I aim to highlight the faces of our community during a time when we might not see them in passing at the grocery store, coffee shop or at the gym.  Participating in this project is also an opportunity to step up to help those who need it most right now in [Colorado]."

Please note: We are closely watching our social distancing guidelines as instructed by Governer Polis.  If anything changes, like a shelter-in-place, we will heed our new instructions and halt our project.  We will not photograph anyone who is in isolation or quarantine due to a positive Covid-19 test.

Please CLICK HERE to register for this project!  I cannot wait to connect with you from a safe social distance!





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